About MainLog™

MainLog’s corporate location is in Georgetown, Texas, but its roots started in the early 1990’s in the oil fields of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. Today MainLog is considered by many to be the premier mudlogging software. Its real time plotting of ROP, gases and wits data directly onto a mudlog is unique in the industry. MainLog continues to adapt to the needs of its clients and remains “Mudlogging Software, Written by Mudloggers.”

Dave Fuller- President, Co-owner and Founder of MainLog

Dave Fuller, a native of Maine, began a career in mudlogging in 1981 with Analytical Logging, working in the oil fields of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. In 1983 he broke out on his own and formed Main Logging Co, of Midland, Texas and remained small, running a couple of units. In the early 90s, computers slowly entered the mudlogging industry as major oil companies wanted digital data, primarily LAS files. Dave came across a logging program and wasn’t too impressed. He wanted to look at and work with a mudlog just like he had been using on his drafting board for the last fifteen years. Not finding such programs available, he went to a book store and bought a book on programming. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dave’s first program was written for DOS operating systems which he began using and testing his software with his own units in 1994. He started calling on a few of his mudlogging competitors to see if they liked his product. They did and he started leasing the software in the mid 90s and formed MainLog, eventually selling his logging units to program full time. The software is now WINDOWS based and runs on all versions of WINDOWS. The programs capability is continually being worked on and adapted to meet the needs of today’s loggers. It is truly Mudlogging Software Written by Mudloggers.

John Chirico- Vice-President, Co-owner

John Chirico is a 1981 graduate of Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio with a major in Geology and Business Administration. He has 40 years of experience in the mudlogging industry breaking out with Core Laboratories in 1981. In 1984 he formed Discovery Logging, Inc. of West Texas and after 23 years sold it to International Logging in 2007. It was then sold to Weatherford SLS in 2008.

In the mid 90s Dave Fuller called on John with his new software and Discovery became one of MainLog’s first users. John worked closely with Dave playing an important role in MainLog’s development. Many of his ideas and software testing are integral parts of MainLog’s success.

In 2010 John retired from Weatherford SLS and became part owner of MainLog. His interest in MainLog will no doubt further contribute to new enhancements of the software, as well as help in servicing our clients and their needs.